Cockermouth Food Assembly

16th October 2016

Cockermouth Food Assembly has launched and we’re part of it.

Sorry? You what? A Food Assembly! What’s that?

Let me explain. A Food Assembly is a way of bringing customers together with local suppliers in a cross between a local market and an online shop. It’s easy to do. You become a member of the assembly then go online at the website to see what producers are offering in one particularr week. You then choose what items you would like and pick them up from a central point a few days later.

In Cockermouth, for example, you order at the website and then pick them up from the United Reformed Church on Main Street on Fridays between 5pm and 7pm. This is a great time if you normally miss local markets etc. because you’re at work. There are currently eight producers live and a good number more to follow. You can buy fruit and vegetables, meat, herbs, cheese, cakes and, of course, bread. We’re offering two loaves to begin with: Pane Rustica (an Italian-style peasant bread) and Beacon brown (made to a famous old Whitehaven recipe).

Have a look here

Food Assemblies started in France (why should that not surprise us) as a way of connecting customers with local producers. There are now about 20 in the UK – a number that’s likely to mushroom over time.

Sue Cliff is the coordinator for Cockermouth and she’s been busy encouraging people to join in. Sue’s been working with Cockermouth Country Market and she’s really keen and enthusiastic about Food Assemblies. You’ve probably seen her on a Friday taking her trolley of cakes around town. Next time you see her, say a big hello.

So if you fancy getting involved either as a customer or as a producer, register on the website and let’s start working together.


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