The Magic of Cake

9th November 2013

In the book Chocolat by Joanna Harris, the woman who sets up the chocolate shop in the town has a magical ability to work out exactly which chocolate every one of her customers wants (or is it needs). She selects precisely the correct chocolate to satisfy her customers’ requirements.

Sometimes we feel a bit like that when we are talking to our customers about our cakes. Are they a big cake person or do they prefer tray bakes or scones? Are they lovers of chocolate or do they want something a bit fruitier? Do they want something crunchy or something a whole lot softer?

It’s a lovely feeling when you recommend something and the person trying it loves it. I guess it also depends upon a person’s mood as well. Feeling a bit blue? Then lose yourself in a big piece of chocolate cake? Enjoying meeting up with friends? Then a carrot cake will suffice. Feeling happy and content? Then we’d recommend a blondie.

You see, there is magic in a little bit of cake. Food is so much more than just fuel for the body. It is much more than a collection of nutrients. Food is fuel not just for the body but for the soul. The right cake, the right cup of coffee, the right combination of the two – these are things that we simply cannot express as protein, fats and carbohydrates. You need to be a philosopher, an artist or a poet to fully express the pleasure of a lovely cup of tea and a slice of Victoria Sponge.

The most famous quote about cake came from Marie Antionette (yes, I know she was misquoted). When told of the plight of the starving masses she is reported to have said, ‘let them eat cake.’ The French staged a revolution. I have the feeling that the British would have settled down, put the kettle on, and tucked into a nice slice of lemon drizzle.

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