Un Cappuccino per favore

17th October 2012

It is said that the classic cappuccino should be one third espresso, one third steamed milk and one third foamed milk. Whether or not that’s true, it remains the case that what is often served in most of our cafes and coffee houses is very different from that served in a piazza in a typical Italian town. First of all, our cappuccinos are too big. Secondly, we tend to heat the milk to too high a temperature and scald the milk. Thirdly, we end up with frothy milk rather than decently foamed milk. Fourthly, we don’t have enough espresso in there and the true coffee taste is lost. Finally, and most scandalously, we put chocolate sprinkles on the top.

At the coffee kitchen, we’ve attended to most of these concerns (although we do get asked for extra hot cappuccinos and even, occasionally, for chocolate sprinkles). However, we have still been a little uneasy about the size of our cappuccinos. We started with a 12oz (340ml) cup because we thought that it would be harder to sell a smaller, more traditional 9oz (240ml) cup. People around here aren’t use to drinking a smaller coffee. But in the last year, we’ve discovered that folk are developing a real interest in good coffee. Our tasting sessions have shown that people want to know more and really appreciate a good brew. Also, our Flat White sales have shown that people enjoy a smaller cup if it’s good enough.

So that is why we are now launching what we are calling a ‘Traditional Italian Cappuccino,’ served in a 9oz cup with foam heated to just the right temperature and definitely with no chocolate sprinkles!! We will continue to serve our normal cappuccino for those who like a bigger cup but we hope people will try the more traditional variety at least once.

Come along and try.

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