Premium Coffee – Why we use the coffee we do

1st October 2016

At The Coffee Kitchen, we will always use premium coffee to give you the best possible coffee experience. We work with our supplier, Union Hand Roasted, to ensure the coffees that you drink at both the café and the bakery are ethically sourced, superbly roasted and well prepared for your enjoyment.

Union Hand Roasted are a great company to deal with. We like their ethics, we like their range of coffees and we like the way they run their business. Union Hand Roasted directly trade with their suppliers. This is a better relationship than Fair Trade, making sure that the growers get the best price for their beans and a long term relationship with a roasting partner. There is no middle man taking a cut.

We looked at their Revelation Espresso Blend first and loved it. In our home machine, it ran beautifully and gave us a really great tasting coffee.

The trend in espressos is to go for a lightly roasted blend that works on the palette and retains quite a lot of the fruit flavours found in the beans. Lots of people have gone this way. And it works for them.

However, we wanted something that would hark back to those delicious brews of the south of Italy. We wanted something darker, something richer, something memorable. And that’s when we were introduced to Foundation Espresso Blend. It delivered on everything we wanted. It was big, bold and cut through milk as if it wasn’t there. Of course, we were planning to double-shot all our coffees anyway but with Foundation as our blend, no one was ever going to accuse us of selling bland tasting coffee!

Some folks might look down on us for using such a dark roast coffee. We don’t care. We know what we like and, in time, we worked out what our customer’s like.

One thing we do agree with, however, is that a coffee should be a reasonably small drink. Our maximum size of coffee is a 12oz. My preference is for an 8oz coffee like our Traditional Cappuccino or our Flat White. A big bucket of coffee just will not give you the right flavours. The milk dominates. It’s not a coffee – it’s a coffee-flavoured milk drink.

For over five years now, we have used Foundation Blend to deliver great tasting coffees. We’ve never been tempted to use anything else. We simply can’t imagine using anything else in our espressos. Union help us with our staff training too, not just helping us to produce great coffees but helping us to understand things like the complexities of flavour and taste. We’re proud to work with them.

That’s why we say that we use a premium coffee and that when you come to The Coffee Kitchen, you get a premium coffee experience. And that is something that we will never change.


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