Our espresso blend is called Foundation from a remarkable company called Union Hand-Roasted Coffee. It hits all the right spots – it’s good for milky drinks but great in an espresso too. Union call their Foundation blend ‘coffee with real attitude.’ It’s a roast that follows the traditions of the dark, sweet roasts of southern Italy and Sicily, blending coffees from India, Guatemala and Sumatra.

We will also be serving a series of single-estate filter coffees. Our house blend is from Rwanda, from the Cafe de Maraba Co-operative, a group of small holder farmers . Union have been working with them since 2002 and have built up a great relationship with them. It’s also a Fairtrade blend.

We will be offering guest coffees from around the world: from Java to Brazil, from Sulawesi to Columbia.

We’re very proud to be offering a coffee from Costa Rica produced by a grower called Oscar Mendez. You can see a YouTube clip of Oscar talking about his Genesis Microlot.

We think that these coffees are delicious. They’re ethically produced and taste fantastic. Come in and try them.

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