Our Story

We love coffee and we love food. At home, we drink espressos in the morning and lattes if we are being lazy at the weekend. Our love affair with coffee goes back to before we were married (which seems an awfully long time ago now).

The Coffee Kitchen came about because we wanted to create the sort of place that we would like to hang around in. Great coffee is an essential but so is good food and fantastic service. We serve the sort of food that we like to eat at home – in many ways.

The Coffee Kitchen is an extension of our own home. We’d like you to feel welcomed and comfortable inside – a place you can hang around for a few hours and read the papers if you like or to pop in briefly for a quick drink if you’d prefer.

Bread has become increasingly important to us – real bread with nothing added. It tastes great and is better for you than bread made in the modern way. Since opening the bakery in 2015, we are able to make so much more bread for you to enjoy.

The Coffee Kitchen appears small and unassuming from the outside but once you’re inside, the space opens up (it’s a bit like the Tardis for that – if you don’t watch Dr Who, you might not understand that). Different areas of the building have a ambience and we hope that the decor and the feel we have created in each part will be welcoming no matter what your mood.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Andy and Angela Walsh

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