The Real Bread Campaign
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We love bread - fresh bread, without any additives and made with organic stone-milled flour. Take a look at the ingredients list on the packaging of a normal loaf of bread. Often there’s a long list of various additives they throw into the bread to ‘improve’ it. Even with all those additives, they don’t even include things like enzymes which are used as part of the baking process. Whatever happened to real bread?

Most of our breads contain four ingredients: organic flour, yeast, water and salt. Some contain a little milk, others natural fats or seeds. We don’t add anything to give extra volume, nor do we add anything to make the bread last longer or feel softer. We mostly use flour from Little Salkeld Mill which is both organic and stoneground - which means most of the goodness is kept within the flour during the milling process. We also use flour from Carrs of Silloth.

We’re big fans of sourdough bread where you don’t add any yeast to the mix but use a starter that has been developed using the natural yeasts within our environment. Many people who are allergic to wheat find sourdoughs easier to digest.We also make breads using rye and other flours. Many of our breads are left to prove and to take on flavour for up to 24 hours. Slow bread = great taste.

The breads you will find on sale include a pain rustica, a sourdough ryebread, a three seeded malted loaf, a sunflower and honey bread and a beacon brown loaf based on an old Whitehaven recipe. If you’d like to talk bread (and he’s not too busy) ask our baker, the ‘other Andy’ (Andy M), and he’ll be more than willing to chat with you.

We support The Real Bread campaign who are working to bring back the traditional British loaf. You can visit their site HERE.