Our Bread

What sort of bread will you find at The Coffee Kitchen Bakery?

Our standard breads that we make every day are as follows:-

Farmhouse White – a classic tin loaf using just white flour

Farmhouse Wholemeal – a tin loaf made from wholemeal flour

Honey and Sunflower – another tin loaf made of both white and wholemeal flours containing sunflower seeds and honey.

Three-seeded – perhaps our most popular loaf? Wholemeal flour, linseeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

Pane Rustica – a typical Italian style peasant bread. White flour and olive oil.

Beacon Brown – based on a old Whitehaven recipe. A wholemeal loaf with treacle and a shot of espresso added.

Sourdough – made from our own starter (created back in 2011). Open crumb and a tangy taste.


We also do a series of special breads to order and for the weekend. And don’t forget Spelt Friday  when we make loaves using this ancient grain.




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